In the new era of marketing, we need to stop thinking like MBA graduates in a suit and tie!

Instead, we should dress down, simplify and accept that everyone has some noble ideas to assist us with our marketing and branding. My three-year experience in branding has opened my eyes in terms of diverse thinking and provision of optimal solutions to businesses- including but not limited to insurance, banking, hospitality and Real estate service providers- from a neutral point of view.

I recently read an article entitled “Accept Defeat: The Neuroscience of Screwing Up” by Jonah Lehrer, who gave a scenario involving two lab teams working towards providing a solution to a similar problem. The first group involved single-subject experts and the other which acted as a control group was a team that constituted individuals with different backgrounds and expertise. Which group provided an instant feedback? If you answer in the former you are wrong. On the contrary, the multi-faced group took only ten minutes to come up with a solution to the problem while the single-subject team took two weeks to solve the problem.

What lesson(s) can we draw from this excerpt in relation to today’s marketing? I tend to think that the single-subject team appears to be the worst enemy to marketing- their thought and way of providing solutions to the daily problems is unidirectional and obsolete. The team with a multi-faced background has a diverse way of thinking and are able to provide not only quick but also diverse solutions that touch on every corner of the organization as well.

One of the major reasons as to why most organizations have either been overthrown or become irrelevant is the fact that they have totally “refused” to allow outsiders- brand consultants- into their inner circle to provide new ways of thinking. From my school of thought and probably yours too, branding and marketing are all about communication, but not communication with people who look, dress and think in the same way. I believe that every literate person has heard of the word disruption that is causing business leaders nightmares. Wait probably I should add the word digital to make it “digital disruption” to make it a full-fledged nightmare.

Here in Kenya and to be precise the transport and insurance sector, the traditional taxi drivers are striking over the sudden entrance of Uber’s brand in the market. The role of brokers in the insurance sector is gradually beginning to be blurred by the increased number of direct insurance service providers in the market. This disruption never came from an individual or a group of people with a unilateral kind of thinking but from a group of evolutionist who believes in charting their own path, individuals who understand and know the location of their destinies though would try to go against the odds to use a different path to their destiny.

Want to be a disruptor? Then stop acting like an MBA graduate with a suit and tie. Instead, dress down, simplify and accept that everyone has the tools to help you thrive. Naveen Jain, the founder of the World Innovation Institute, opines that: “I believe that people who will come up with the creative solutions to solve world’s biggest problems…will NOT be experts in their fields. The real disruptors will be those individuals who are not steeped one in the industry of choice, with those coveted 10,000hours of experience, but instead, individuals who approach challenges with a clean lens, bringing together diverse experience, knowledge, and opportunities.”


Article By Augustine Omondi – Consultant: Analytics