Wondering why people ignore you or unfollow you on Social Media? Well, maybe like many others, you are guilty of posting the wrong content in the wrong social media platform.

For starters, humans are social beings. The rapid growth in the communication industry, coupled with the advancement of the internet has birthed many social media platforms, all with different features for people to communicate (differently).

So how can you gauge your content to see if it is worthy of posting on a particular platform? Mary Schreier, a social media expert uses the following set of social media guidelines to ascertain ‘post worthiness’ of a message.

LinkedIn —> Like you’re at the office: “I am a skilled, endorsed coffee drinker”

Facebook —> Like you’re at a dinner party: “I really like coffee

Twitter —> Like you’re with your friends: “#Coffee is the best drink ever”

Foursquare —> Like you’re showing someone around: “Here is where I get my coffee”

YouTube —> Like you’re giving a lesson: “Watch me drink coffee”

Instagram —> Like you’re at an art museum: “Look at my excellent, filtered photo of coffee”

These guidelines are important to all of us, whether as a business or a personal brand because social media use has become an integral part of our lives.

How do you gauge your social media posts?  Please leave a comment below 🙂

Article by Denis Mbau, Content consultant.