Every time the clock ticks, Kenya’s endangered wild species like the rhinos, elephants are felled, bringing them closer and closer to extinction. It is not just the wild animals but the tree species as well are wiped out with each dawn and hence the adverse climatic conditions being experienced.

As much as conservation efforts are left to environmental and wildlife conversation agencies and big corporates with CSR budgets, the small-medium enterprises (SMEs) in Kenya also have a big role to play in the conservation drive. Despite being so many of them, almost all SMEs do not have a conservation policy.

Times have changed and we can no longer leave it to UN and foreign policies to take the lead role in conservation efforts in our own land.It’s about time that the SMEs took up efforts to protect the environments they operate in since the impact of extinction of our flora n fauna has far-reaching consequences on the cost of doing business.A slack in tourism which is considered to be Kenya’s top foreign income earner would expose businesses to increased taxes and less foreign investment.

As per the Kyoto Protocol treaty, whose objective is to control emissions of the main anthropogenic in ways that reflect underlying national differences in greenhouse gas emissions, wealth, and capacity to make the reductions; we each have a part to play.

SMEs can employ any of these (or more) strategies for a hands-on approach to conservation;
1. Develop conservation policies such as tree-planting and follow up that the seedlings do not dry up.
2. Use of bio-degradable materials in office operations where possible.
3. Recycling – but the trash has to be first separated.
4. Have a green office day. Have flowers/plants in the office.
5. No driving to work day. To save on pollution.
6. Visit National Parks or Conservancies and learn more about the flora and fauna.
7. Whistleblow on pollution.
8. Drastically reduce the release toxic waste into the atmosphere.
9. Adopt an elephant, rhino or any other endangered wild animal
10. Support conservation groups by chipping into their operations budget.
12. Use renewable energy in the office, for example, solar lighting

Article By Sylvia Wangui, Finance Admin, Brand Integrated Consulting