22 Jan 2018

Integrated Solutions

1. Strategy Division
Brand Interrogation (audit), Brand Integration (strategy), Corporate Brand Strategy, Product Brand Strategy, Destination branding, Franchise Strategy, Brand Architecture, Marketing Strategy, Brand Naming , Strategic Planning, Business Planning, Brand Sweat Workshops (brand discovery), CSR Brand Alignment Strategy, Process Brand Alignment Strategy, Investor Relations Strategy , Brand Valuation, Mergers & Acquisitions , Brand Development and Implementation Management , Strategic Brand Management

2. Analytics Division
Brand Monitor, Brand Analytics Surveys, Customer Brand Satisfaction Surveys

3. Creative Division
Communication Strategy, Identity Design, Trademarks, Brand Manual development, Collateral Design, Packaging Design, Advertising, Multimedia, Web design, Branded environments

4. Employee Brand Engagement Division
Employee brand engagement strategy, Employee brand engagement training, Employee engagement program implementation, Internal communication campaigns, Employee brand refresher training, New staff onboarding, Brand Training, Workshops and Seminars

5. Brand Public Relations Division
Brand public relations and publicity, Online Communication Strategy and Implementation, Online Content Marketing, Social Media marketing, Editorial content, Publishing

6. Digital Marketing Division
Digital Marketing Strategy, Online Communication Strategy and Implementation, Online,Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Editorial Content